Month: September 2012

Marketing Insight # 2: How to think about Customer Relationship Management

Some ways to describe customer relationship management as a business strategy:

“We decided to spend our marketing dollars on the customer rather than the billboard.”

“Learn as much as possible about your customers and how to help them achieve their goals.”

“The more you know about a customer, the better.”

The CRM system gives us further insight on “who to make friends with”.


Session 3: Customer Relationship Management – Part 1

We’re going to use ZOHO CRM for our lab exercises in this class.

Sign up for an account. Download the lab exercise file. Then do the following:

  • Session 3-1. Setting up Company Details (link)
  • Session 3-2. Importing Leads into CRM System (link)
  • Session 3-3. Importing Campaigns into CRM System (link)
  • Session 3-4. Associating Leads with Campaigns (link)
  • Session 3-5. Adding an Activity (Task, Event, Phone Call) (link)
  • Session 3-6. Converting Leads into Contacts/Accounts (link)
  • Session 3-7. Creating Potentials for Accounts/Contacts (link)

Session 2: Databases

Databases are where the data is stored and organized in most information systems.

Software called database management systems (DBMS) are needed to create and manage these databases.

In this class, we talk about how databases organize the information that are of interest to all businesses and to marketers, in particular. We also look at ways to interact with and manipulate data within databases – using queries, forms and reports.

The material for this session can be downloaded from:

  1. Lecture
  2. Lab Exercise using MS ACCESS

Here’s the sample online analytical processing system displays (e.g. dashboards) shown in class.

The demonstration videos for our MS ACCESS exercises are here:

    1. Creating Select Query Which Asks for An Input and Retrieves Data from a Single Table (link)
    1. Creating Select Query Which Retrieves Data from More than One Table and Includes a Calculated Field in the Answers (link)
    1. Creating a Query that Retrieves Data from 3 Tables (link)
    1. Creating the Booking Fee Summary Report (link)
    1. Creating the Band Performance Detail Report (link)

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Concepts

Welcome to a new semester and our first class for I.T. in Marketing here at HKU SPACE !

Since this is our first class, we discussed the learning objectives for the course and our timetable. Important technology and digital marketing concepts such as the Internet, the Web, cloud computing, mobile platforms, search engines and social networking were introduced in our lecture.

The learning materials for this class can be downloaded via the links below:

  1. Unit Outline
  2. Lecture Note
  3. Tutorial
  4. Tutorial Answers

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