Category: Customer Relationship Management

Session 8: Mobile Marketing – Toys “R” Us Case Study

Read the case study which will also be handed out to you in class.

Watch the video below which demonstrates Toys “R” Us Hong Kong’s mobile marketing tactics:

Answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the target audience for the mobile app ?
  2. What other channels (both online and offline) were used to promote the mobile app ?
  3. What are some of the “fun” and “rewarding” experiences customers can have while using the app ?
  4. What other digital marketing channels does the mobile app integrate with ?
  5. How does Toys “R” Us’s mobile app help support its CRM objectives ?

Marketing Insight # 2: How to think about Customer Relationship Management

Some ways to describe customer relationship management as a business strategy:

“We decided to spend our marketing dollars on the customer rather than the billboard.”

“Learn as much as possible about your customers and how to help them achieve their goals.”

“The more you know about a customer, the better.”

The CRM system gives us further insight on “who to make friends with”.

Session 3: Customer Relationship Management – Part 1

We’re going to use ZOHO CRM for our lab exercises in this class.

Sign up for an account. Download the lab exercise file. Then do the following:

  • Session 3-1. Setting up Company Details (link)
  • Session 3-2. Importing Leads into CRM System (link)
  • Session 3-3. Importing Campaigns into CRM System (link)
  • Session 3-4. Associating Leads with Campaigns (link)
  • Session 3-5. Adding an Activity (Task, Event, Phone Call) (link)
  • Session 3-6. Converting Leads into Contacts/Accounts (link)
  • Session 3-7. Creating Potentials for Accounts/Contacts (link)