Category: Databases

Session 2: Databases

Databases are where the data is stored and organized in most information systems.

Software called database management systems (DBMS) are needed to create and manage these databases.

In this class, we talk about how databases organize the information that are of interest to all businesses and to marketers, in particular. We also look at ways to interact with and manipulate data within databases – using queries, forms and reports.

The material for this session can be downloaded from:

  1. Lecture
  2. Lab Exercise using MS ACCESS

Here’s the sample online analytical processing system displays (e.g. dashboards) shown in class.

The demonstration videos for our MS ACCESS exercises are here:

    1. Creating Select Query Which Asks for An Input and Retrieves Data from a Single Table (link)
    1. Creating Select Query Which Retrieves Data from More than One Table and Includes a Calculated Field in the Answers (link)
    1. Creating a Query that Retrieves Data from 3 Tables (link)
    1. Creating the Booking Fee Summary Report (link)
    1. Creating the Band Performance Detail Report (link)